We're two Canadians from Waterloo, ONT.

Greg Mittler

Age: 29

Hometown: Gananoque, ON

Favourite pastime: Experiencing live music

Series I've repeatedly binged: The Office

My average superpower: Ability to sleep anywhere

Favourite place: My parent's front porch

Describe yourself in one sentence:

I'm told my humour is groan-worthy at best, I love cooking, playing music, and trying a variety of athletic endeavours, and hopefully I like travelling too!

Fun facts:

  • I despise sliced tomatoes 

  • I won an all inclusive trip to Chicago by drinking a beer

  • This will be my first trip outside of North America

  • I'm shocked Krystal still willingly plays Scrabble with me (she's won 1/247 games)

  • I'm an avid hockey fan

  • The first instrument I learned to play was the fiddle 

Krystal Kowalski

Age: 29

Hometown: Penetanguishene, ON

Favourite food: BBQ Ribs
If I could be any animal I'd be: An eagle
Biggest fear: Spiders.

Favourite place: Anywhere near water

Describe yourself in one sentence:

A physiotherapist once told me I was "athletically awkward", I laugh at my own jokes, I enjoy photography, being active, and drinking craft beer.

Fun facts:

  • I've been skydiving twice

  • I started playing basketball when I was 9

  • In 2012, I attended university in the Netherlands for 5 months

  • I can't blow bubbles with my gum

  • I don't know my left from my right

  • I love listening to Greg play the guitar (...he's going to roll his eyes when he sees this)

  • When I was little I wanted to be a police officer so I could "drive fast"

Our Goals:



  • Stay active: mobile & outdoor workouts

  • Taste new beers

  • Attend the World Championship of Hockey - Slovakia

  • OR go see Jamoir Jagr play

  • Eat an authentic Oktoberfest sausage

  • Learn how to cook an authentic meal from each country we visit

  • See different Baseball Parks in the U.S.

  • Learn how to depend less on devices with screens


  • Attend a concert outside of Canada 

  • Volunteer at least once for a charity

  • Sleep in a treehouse in Laos

  • Try surfing

  • See a soccer match in Europe

  • Learn how to dive (I seriously don't know how...)

  • Eat something that scares me

  • Learn how to be at peace with being still


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