It Takes a Village

“It takes a village” you know how the old saying goes. For anyone unfamiliar with the full proverb, it’s actually “It takes a village to raise a child”. Well, these two overgrown children thought it was a very relatable saying for our next post.

But why?

Well because, it took a village to plan a trip like this.

From the outside looking in, our plans look incredibly organized, to say that we’re fans of Excel documents and checklists would be an understatement.

But our plan definitely didn’t start that way. They actually started as a slightly inebriated conversation (don’t tell our parents) when Krystal and I were discussing our dreams and aspirations over the next few years. She spoke so fondly of her travels to Europe and how they influenced her life and happiness, all I could think was “How amazing would it be if we could go back to some of those places together?

Actually, that’s a lie. I also thought...

• We’ve never travelled without a travel VISA before and didn’t know how this could restrict us • We have no idea what this is going to cost, or how to start saving • We don’t know what to do about our insurance, health care or taxes during this year • We both started working at age 14-15 and we don’t know what it's like to be without a job • And neither one of us have ever traveled for an extended period of time with a significant other

So... what the heck do we do from here!?

Well, remember that village I mentioned before? That’s when all of it’s villagers came in handy.

We came to find that, when we mentioned our trip, almost every single person; colleagues, friends, family...even complete strangers, would smile from ear to ear, tell you how excited they are for you, then provide endless advice on what to do and where to go.

Krystal with just *some* of the books people have lent and bought for us

As you can imagine, having all of that information fired at you all at once can be overwhelming when you’re planning for a year. We have learned that through some guided conversation, and some very specific questions, you can we get almost all of the information you’re looking for from your network of “villagers” around you.

These amazing people have helped us discover:

  • What equipment we’d need

  • Where to store our stuff

  • The best ways to document our adventure

  • What to expect from ourselves, each other, and family and friends before we leave and when we’re gone

We want to do a special shout out to our village for all the insight they’ve provided, their patience when answering our questions and taking the time to share their amazing travel stories with us. You’ve inspired our destinations and ultimately Ont2NewAdventures, and we can’t wait to show you how you’ve impacted our lives through our travels.

At this point you might still be wondering: "How would I even begin to start exploring my own network?"

First, when planning your own trip/adventure, take a look at the wonderful people you have around you and share your travel plans over a coffee, or a beer or two. Every time Krystal and I mentioned our hope of travelling, we would then get referred by someone to a friend-of-a-friend who had been there.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to connect with those referrals, you never know where that might lead you! For me, I wouldn’t have learned about the paid leave of absence option at my place of work and began planning this trip with Krystal.

Lastly, always remember this piece: people who have traveled want nothing more than for others to do the same! Trust their advice, and ask lots of questions about what they’d recommend you do or see to help you design a trip that makes sense for your goals and dreams. If the time comes that someone needs your advice, you’ll realize you’ll be more than willing to return the favour.

And who knows? You might even end up inspiring someone else to go Ont2newAdventures sometime soon...

- Greg

P.S. only 77 more days until our departure!

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